Differences between the various beef

Nowadays, due to the scarce information that exists about the different types of beef, many doubts arise when it comes to knowing the type of beef we want. Therefore, we have decided to make a brief summary to try to resolve the main doubts.

There are different types of beef, but we will focus on the 4 main ones:

- Male or female calf: is that animal whose life is less than 14 months of life. Due to its young age, it is a very tender meat with easy digestion and, at the same time, it offers a soft and delicate flavor. It is a meat with little fat because it still contains a lot of water.

- Male or female yearling: they are animals with an age ranging between 14 and 24 months, can be both male and female. This type of meat is already acquiring a greater flavor because the animal has matured and is more developed. Still, it remains a fairly tender meat with little fat.

- Cebón: it is a castrated male with an age equal to or less than 48 months, its meat is much more tasty and with a redder color than the previous two. The taste is more intense since its age allows the amount of intramuscular fat to increase, and also, instead of having accumulated fat, it has small veins that provide a tasty juice when cooked.

- Ox: this is a castrated male over 48 months of age, whose meat is less tender, but more red and tasty and also has a greater amount of fat than the previous ones and this allows it to be much juicier. In addition, its age allows the nutritional properties of this meat to be even greater.

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